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Let 2024 be the last year you are bound by addiction and discover the person you were meant to be! Join others, just like you who are dedicated to leaving their addiction in 2024.

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What is Transcend91?

Transcend91 is a 91-day practical guide to transcend addiction. It provides a structured framework with daily assessments and practical exercises to address your specific needs.

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  • The Transcend91 E-book to guide the first 91 days of recovery
  • The Transcend91 Workbook to guide your exercises
  • A self-paced course to walk you through the program and support you when you need it most - when you're left alone
  • A community to support your work in the program and celebrate successes with. 
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The Missing Link

The Transcend91 framework is built around the belief that relapse happens when addicts are left alone. Regardless of how much therapy, groups, or programs you're in, at some point during your day - you're left alone, and when addicts are left alone...they use.

Everything You Need to Get Clean

You were never meant to do this on your own. Our program delivers everything you need to get out of your head and back to your true self! 

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Get our ebook for free and discover our easy-to-follow program that will give you a concrete path to achieving 91 days clean and sober.

Just imagine having 91 days clean...

🌈 Freedom

Break free! Live life without giving one thought to your next drink or drug. 

☺️ Pride

Be proud that your walk matches your talk, and lose any shame you carry.

💪 Purpose

Discover what you were meant to contribute to this world and start living on purpose! 

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But Don't Join Unless...

To join the program you must believe these two things:

Made For More

You know you have more to contribute to this world but your addiction is holding you back from who you're meant to be.

You've Lost Control

We're not here to argue whether or not you have a problem. You know you've lost control and you're ready to take your power back. 

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We only want you to join if you are 100% committed to this process.

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