You were made for so much more. A 91-Day practical approach to quit using and start living.

From DETOX to DEFYING THE ODDS and all the steps in between...

Start living the life you were made for and discover a recovery framework that addresses the missing link of other recovery programs. What to do with ourselves when left to our own devices.

Our 91-day program includes:

  • A framework to assess exactly where you're at each day
  • Exercises that support your specific phase of recovery
  • A community that is committed to giving themselves at least 91 days clean and sober
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The Transcend91 framework is built around the belief that relapse happens when addicts are left alone. Regardless of how much therapy, groups, or programs you're in, at some point during your day - you're left alone, and when addicts are left alone...they use.

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Who is Transcend91 for?

To join the program you must believe these two things...

Made For More

You know you have more to contribute to this world but your addiction is holding you back from who you're meant to be.

You've Lost Control

We're not here to argue whether or not you have a problem. You know you've lost control and you're ready to take your power back. 

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